Monday, August 23, 2010

Composed a Memoir by Rosanne Cash

I admit it-I am a huge fan of Johnny Cash, so it only stands to reason I would certainly check out his eldest daughter's musical talents and compositions. If you haven't listened to any of her albums or read any of her books you are missing out on some thoughtful and heartfelt stories. I love Rosanne Cash's albums, particularly Black Cadillac, King's Record Shop and her latest recording; The List.

Her newest book, Composed a Memoir is a great read! Not a typical biography by any means. Rosanne writes of her life, but not in a chronological order. She writes stories of her youth, growing up inside the Cash household. The impact her father's addictions and the breakup of her parents marriage had on her and her sisters. Trying to discover who she was and how she fit into this world. What direction did she want to move toward?
The part I found most compelling was how she came to be the terrific songwriter and singer she is today. She struggled with her self confidence in her ability to write a good song. She believed she wanted to be a good songwriter but on her own terms. The life experiences that inspired her to write beautiful songs of her family, her children, her parents, her marriages, and life gained her the recognition and the success as not only a singer but clearly the songwriter!

Check out this book you won't be disappointed and while you're at it, listen to some of her great music!