Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by J.K. Rowling

I decided to begin the Harry Potter series for the first time. Many of my friends and colleagues have read the series more than once and all of their comments about the books really piqued my interest. I read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone in a couple of days and got hooked. I enjoyed watching the friendship between the first year Hogwarts students develop. The Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is such an interesting, scary place. A place I'd like to visit.

There is so much going on in this little book; sadness, madness, humor, magic, wizardry and evil. There are plenty of ghosts, trolls, strange creatures, strange teachers, mean students, talking portraits, magic mirrors, a spying cat and much, much more. I just started the second book in the series, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, so more on this later.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Lost December, by Richard Paul Evans

Luke Crisp is the prodigal son. Luke's mother died when he was very young. Luke and his father have an exceptionally close relationship, one built on trust, respect, honesty, and love. He has worked hard at the Crisp family printing business since the age of twelve. When Luke and his father are not working, they often play golf together, go to dinner, or go on vacations together. Carl Crisp has big plans, he wants to retire and hand over the family business to his only child. Having recently graduated from college his father wants him to pursue an MBA from a school out east--far away from his Arizona home; to get the education his father never had and to see more of what the world has to offer. Although very reluctant to leave his home and his father he finally agrees to attend Wharton School in Philadelphia.

Although a good student, Luke falls in with a different crowd and problems arise. He drinks too much, cheats on his girlfriend, and spends all his money. In time his girlfriend leaves him and he completely runs out of money. He finds himself alone and living on the street. Can he find his way back into his father's life?

This is a great Christmas story of love, loss, and love found. It is a quick read and again a page turner. I hope you enjoy it and much as I did.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Blue Nights by Joan Didion

Joan Didion, author of the bestselling memoir The Year of Magical Thinking (2005) which is about her marriage to author John Gregory Dunne (1932-2003), has written Blue Nights (2011), a haunting account of the illness and death of her adopted daughter Quintana Roo Dunne Michael (1966-2005). In 2003, Quintana was hospitalized with pneumonia which developed into septic shock, rendering her unconscious when her father died of cardiac arrest in the couple's New York apartment. She was hospitalized again in 2004 due to bleeding in the brain. Barely able to grieve for her husband, Joan became Quintana's caregiver until she passed away in 2005. The reader learns of the adoption and the doubts and fears Didion and Dunne faced, as well as, bits and pieces of Quintana's childhood, her wedding, her illness, and ultimately her death. Didion also discusses her health problems, getting old, and her intense feelings of guilt for being unable to save the lives of those she loved most because she felt she should have seen the signs that might have saved them. "How could I have missed what was clearly there to be seen?"

An honest, humble memoir of love and grief.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Seriously...I'm Kidding by Ellen DeGeneres

For all you "Ellen" fans out there, this is the book for you. I admit I have liked Ellen DeGeneres since way back when. I enjoyed her sitcoms, I loved her as Dora in the hit movie "Finding Nemo," (someone PLEASE tell me why there was never a sequel to that movie), and on the rare occasion I actually get to watch her talk show I love that program too. She simply comes across as a good, kind and generous person who is not afraid to laugh at herself. We need way more people like that too!

"Seriously...I'm Kidding" is a funny book with simple anecdotes on life--according to Ellen. She shares her life experiences about recycling, moving, getting older, being a "Cover Girl" over 50, her animals, her family, babies, being nice, being neat, and oh, yes--being funny and so much more. The chapters are short and sweet. I was so engulfed in reading her story when I heard someone laughing out loud. I looked around and then realized, I was the person laughing! This book is that funny.

It is short, sweet and hilarious. Pick it up today and get lost in a great read (or grab the audio version, Ellen narrates it and it is GREAT!)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver

The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver is a story told by the wife and four daughters of Nathan Price, a fierce evangelical Baptist minister who takes his family and mission to the Belgian Congo in 1959. Soon after arriving they discovered that what supplies they brought from home will not last long in the Congo. As they try to convert the men, women and children of the village they meet much resistance because of the villagers long held beliefs in nature and their own gods. However, they are prepared to help the family survive their surroundings with meal preparations, food supplies, and planting of crops despite not accepting the Baptist religion.

This story can be quite sad at times when you read of the political warfare going on in Africa at the time and the political games that all the big governments play in trying to secure their "pot of gold" in the Congo's resources, especially the diamond trade.
The Poisonwood Bible spans three generations. The Price family faces many obstacles from the death of one of the children, to one daughter's refusal to leave Africa and marry a much older man, to another daughter's illness that forced her to stay behind and then decide not to return to the United States, and then the mother's return to the United States leaving her husband to remain in the Congo.
Although a long story, it is well worth reading and you may decide you can't put this book down until the last page has been turned.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Touch a novella by Randall Wallace

Andrew Jones has a special gift-he is an extremely talented surgeon. Following a deadly accident years ago when his fiance Faith died, he no longer practices surgery. He teaches and still treats patients, but he leaves the surgical procedures to his fellow colleagues.

Lara Blair is the CEO of Blair Bio-Medical Engineering. When her father died he left her in charge of the company. Her father was a pioneer in "the development of machines that would make impossible surgeries not only possible but practical."Lara has been attempting to perfect one such surgical procedure and meets with one failure after another. Blair Bio-Medical recruiters present Lara with a microscopic sculpture of Abraham Lincoln standing instead of sitting at the Lincoln Memorial. The miraculous beauty of this carving is that it could easily fit inside the eye of a needle! Andrew Jones is the sculptor! Problem is, Andrew is not interested in performing surgery in any capacity, even in a laboratory.

Lara is confident she can convince Andrew to help them. She reaches out to Andrew to work with her and Blair Bio-Medical to perfect these new and vital surgical procedures to help save lives. Andrew and Lara both struggle with past personal experiences and learn to share their troubles and trust again. When Lara needs Andrew to save her life will he have the confidence he needs and be able to put the demons that trouble him behind him and come to her rescue?

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Book of Tomorrow by Cecelia Ahern

Set in Ireland, this is the story of a young woman who loses her father to suicide, her mother to mental illness, and eventually has to leave her home. Destitute, Tamara Goodwin and her mother must move to the country to live with her uncle and aunt, Arthur and Rosaleen. Rosaleen's controlling ways make Tamara edgy, so she begins to explore the area. She discovers a beautiful castle and meets two interesting locals; a fiesty nun and a good looking guy who drives a traveling library bus. Tamara checks out a book with empty pages and notices that the pages start to fill up with her thoughts from the following day. Hmmm.

Listen to the book on CD if you happen to like Irish brogues.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Split Second

It's finally here, Split Second by Catherine Coulter! It was well worth the wait too.
In this newest installment of Catherine Coulter's FBI series, Savich is caught in the middle of a shoot out at a local convenience store where he went to to pick up a few items. The owner Mr. Patil, is shot and injured. One of the shooters is apprehended while the other got away.
Meanwhile, Agent Lucy Caryle is dealing with the recent death of her father. Shortly before Joshua Acker Caryle's death he proclaimed that Lucy's grandmother stabbed her husband to death. Lucy and the rest of her extended family were lead to believe that her grandfather had just up and left one day without any warning or future communication. One day shortly after her father's death, Lucy is summoned to the family's attorneys' office and given a ring and a letter from her long lost grandfather. This leads her to discover the real truth behind her father's well kept secret and the reason her grandfather left her the ring.
To add even more adventure to this mystery, Savich and Sherlock are dealing with a female serial killer who they discovered is the daughter of Ted Bundy! Kristen Bolger has been murdering young women for quite some years. She disguises herself as a young man, hangs out at local bars, drugs a young woman, and then "escorts her home" where she murders them. Savich and Sherlock certainly have their hands full with this killer!
You won't want to put this book down. Cuddle up in a big comfy chair, grab this book and indulge yourself with a great page turner! Let us know what you think!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Happens Every Day by Isabel Gillies

Happens Every Day by Isabel Gillies is a must read for any woman who has ever gone through a heart breaker relationship! This is the personal story of Isabel's love affair with her husband Josiah, their marriage, the birth of their two beautiful sons, and their unfortunate divorce.

Isabel starts at the beginning of her and Josiah's relationship; where they met, and how they fell in love (he was previously married and had a young son). Her style of writing describes to the reader the little details of their lives; where they lived, what they ate, what they did for fun, their jobs, friends they hung out with, their parents and so much more. In essence you followed their relationship from meeting each other to becoming friends, lovers, husband and wife, and ultimately becoming the parents of two boys all in a relatively short period of time. Josiah was a university professor and Isabel was an actress on the prime time television series; Law and Order-Special Victims Unit where she played Detective Stabler's wife Cathy. They lived in New York City and loved it. When Josiah was offered a teaching position in Ohio they decided to relocate so Isabel pretty much gave up her acting career to become a full time wife and mother.

Moving all their belongings, two young boys, and a dog proved to be quite the undertaking. Josiah and Isabel had fallen in love with a beautiful old home and quickly went on to renovate a number of the rooms. Their hard work and tireless effort paid off, for both of them loved the results. Josiah started teaching and Isabel kept herself and the boys busy with vegetable gardens and farmer's markets. There were faculty parties, neighborhood bar-b-ques, and many more local events to attend, so the family quickly acclimated themselves to their new home and community. Isabel herself starting teaching a drama class at the university too. Life was really, really good- or so it seemed.

Welcome Sylvia, a new temporary faculty member; young and beautiful and supposedly engaged to be married. Isabel quickly takes her "under her wing" and they become fast friends. However, in time it seems that Sylvia is spending more and more time with Josiah. Of course Isabel doesn't think much about this, Sylvia is almost a member of her family. Besides, Sylvia is now married but why is her husband still out East instead of living here in Ohio with his new bride? Hmmmmmm.

Heartbreak happens, without any real warning or any real problems to speak of, Josiah wants out of their marriage. Of course he doesn't admit to his love affair with Sylvia but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to put two and two together.

Isabel fights the fights and loses. She loses the love of her life, Josiah (at least at this point in her life), her marriage, and the family life she has cherished. However, she stands tall and picks up the pieces of her life and with the two boys moves back to New York. She and Josiah divorce and eventually he marries Sylvia.

You will especially love the fact that Isabel herself narrates this story. She does an absolutely wonderful job too. Any woman who has gone through a heart breaker break up, divorce, amicable or not will relate to this story. Break ups and divorces happen every day. Grab the audio book and enjoy. Of, if you prefer, grab the book. Once you start reading it you won't be able to put this book down!

P.S. Isabel Gillies has written a sequel to "Happens Every Day," the title is "A Year and Six Seconds." It is available in our library system!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Close Your Eyes by Amanda Eyre Ward

Author: Ward, Amanda Eyre

Title: Close Your Eyes

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Publication Date: July 26, 2011

Number of Pages: 249 (also available on audio)

Geographical Setting: Austin, Texas and New York

Time Period: 2000s

Other Works by this Author: How to Stay Lost

Lauren Mahdian lives a happy existence as a real estate agent. She's living with her dog and her long-time boyfriend, Jerry. She seems like she's got it all, but the outside doesn't necessarily reflect the inside. When Lauren and her brother Alex were young children, they were home when their mother was murdered. They didn't see it happen, but they know who did it: their father. It had to be their father because he was the only person in the house with their mother at that time...or was he? He was tried and convicted to live a life sentence in Attica Prison, his children sent away and cutting ties with him. Both Lauren and Alex have moved on since their childhood tragedies into adult lives that are acceptable and functional, but there is a big difference between the two of them. Alex has maintained communication with his imprisoned father and clung fast to the idea of his father's innocence. When Alex is tragically killed in a bombing in Iraq, Lauren is faced with the responsibility of finishing what her brother has started and deciding: Can she forgive her father? Can she let go of the belief in her father's guilt? More importantly, can she get over the past?

Monday, August 22, 2011

Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay

Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay
Dexter Morgan walks a fine line between what's right and what's primal. He appears to be a mile mannered blood spatter anaylst. He blends because that's what his dearly-departed former cop father, Harry, taught him to be when he was young. But both Dexter and Harry knew what Dexter was: a serial killer. Dexter channels his tendencies (aka "the Dark Passenger") and only uses them to murder crminals of the lowest caliber. But, then a slasher begins to challenge Dexter's expertise. As the case starts to hit closer and closer to home, Dexter feels, for the first time, that he might lose his control, his cover, before the case is through.
Told in the same style as the famous HBO TV show, this book is bloody, speculative and suspenseful until the end. The details of Dexter's job are crisp and vivid. Lindsay's Dexter quickly becomes an endearing character with a heart of gold and the mind of a serial killer.
This is the first in the Dexter Morgan series and is available from the library in print, ebook and as a Playaway. Stop into Adult Services to find more like it!

Monday, August 15, 2011

My lucky life in and out of show business by Dick Van Dyke

What do "Mary Poppins", "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang", "Bye Bye Birdie," and "Diagnosis Murder " all have in common? Well, Dick Van Dyke of course. For those of us who grew up watching the Dick Van Dyke show with Dick, Mary Tyler Moore, Rose Marie, Morey Amsterdam, and many more actors, this book is like a walk down memory lane. For those of you now watching the Dick Van Dyke show in reruns on TV land sit back and enjoy!

This book starts at the beginning of Dick's life; at home growing up with his parents, attending school, going into the military and then marrying his sweetheart Marjorie. It continues with his struggles to make it in show business. Moving back and forth across the country taking jobs which will pay the rent and support his growing family. He describes his love of comedy and his conviction to play a role that his family would be able to see. Slowly you see his acting career taking off, providing more and more opportunities to work not only television, but movies and plays as well. He details the end of his marriage, his problem with alcoholism, his four children who are now starting families of their own, and the new love of his life, Michelle Triola.

For those of you interested, Dick Van Dyke narrates the story in the audio book, which I highly recommend! Take that little walk down memory lane, enjoy the story and the laughs! You won't be sorry!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Limits of Enchantment by Graham Joyce

This is the story of Mammy, a midwife who practices herbal magic, and Fern, her adopted daughter and apprentice. The novel is set in a small English village circa 1960.
Eveyone loves Mammy until one of her patients dies, and she is blamed for dispensing the herbs that killed her. When Mammy ends up in the hospital, Fern has to fend for herself and try to figure out how to survive in the modern world. She teeters between the past and the present, the supernatural and the practical, while on a journey to discover where she belongs.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Clara and Mr. Tiffany by Susan Vreeland

Clara and Mr. Tiffany written by Susan Vreeland and narrated by the very talented Ms. Kimberly Farr is a wonderful audio book! The story revolves around Clara Driscoll, a very talented woman who returns to work after her husband dies. She finds herself once again working in a very dominated male workplace with little recognition for her talent and work.
She loves the work and that is what drives her. She designs glass work items for the Tiffany Glass Company and mentors the women who work alongside her. She strives for perfection and at the same time allows the artistic talents of the other women to blossom. Although many of her designs are on display at the Chicago World's Fair, Clara does not receive any recognition for her work.

You learn about the men who are important in her life and how they impact the work that Clara does and her fight for women's rights.

This story is based on the real Clara Driscoll and the letters she wrote to people during her employment and later after she left the Tiffany Company. (She had to leave when she married for there was a single or widowed woman only hiring practice in place). There are other books recently published about Clara Driscoll, but I would highly recommend you start with this one. I am sure you will enjoy it!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Up From the Blue

Tillie Harris stands alone in her new home looking at boxes she wants to unpack when she begins to feel labor pains. Feeling desperate, she calls her estranged father for help. He stays with her at the hospital trying to reassure her that everything will be okay.

Having him in the room with her brings back many painful memories from her childhood, and a young Tillie tells us the story of her life with her brother, her controlling, military father and her flighty, mystical mother. One day her mother disappears without saying a word to Tillie, but Tillie never gives up on finding her.

This is Susan Henderson's debut novel.

No Doors, No Windows

If you are in the mood for a creepy story, then look no further.

No Doors, No Windows by Joe Schreiber is a very creepy tale.

This novel tells the story of the Mast family and the curse they suffer from. After many years, Scott Mast returns to his hometown for his father's funeral and is surprised to discover that his brother Owen is an alcoholic raising a little boy on his own. Also, Scott's ex-girlfriend Sonia is still living in town, although she is not happy about it. Scott finds a ghost story written by his father about a creepy old house in the woods that has a connection to the Mast family. Scott feels beckoned to visit this house and discovers a dark, hidden corridor where unspeakable horrors took place.

Never Look Away

Bestselling author Linwood Barclay never disappoints. Never Look Away is a thrilling read with many twists and turns.

David Harwood, a newspaper reporter, goes to an amusement park with his wife Jan and their son Ethan. All of a sudden David and Jan realize Ethan is missing. While Jan runs off to find security, David finds Ethan sleeping in his stroller nearby, but now Jan is missing.

When the police get involved the mystery becomes deeper, and David realizes he may not have known his wife at all.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

These Things Hidden by Heather Gudenkauf

These Things Hidden by Heather Gudenkauf is another great novel and page turner! The story revolves around two sisters who share a terrible secret and who have both suffered horribly because of it. Allison Glenn is attempting to start her life over after serving time in prison for killing her baby. Her sister Brynn is running away from Allison and everything that reminds her of her sister and the night that everything changed. To make matters worse, the girls parents have just about erased both girls from their lives and their home. The only family connection the girls continue to have is their grandmother, who accepts both girls for who they are and tries to help in any way possible. Allison gets a job in a book store and develops a friendly relationship with the owner and her family. She lives in a half way house and does her best to start over. Brynn is working part time and going to college and continues to refuse to see or talk to Allison. Why? The past comes back to reunite the girls once again and changes their lives forevermore. I highly recommend reading this book. You will not be disappointed.

Durable Goods by Elizabeth Berg

Set in Texas, two sisters, Diane is eighteen and Katie is twelve, live with their strict, military father. He's always been a difficult man to live with, but things have become much worse for the girls ever since his wife died. Katie misses her mom terribly, so much so, that when things get too difficult for her, she lies under her bed and speaks to her mother, hoping she will come to her and tell her what to do with her life. When Diane makes a decision to move to Mexico with her boyfriend, she talks Katie into going with them, but on the way Katie decides this might not be a good decision.

Katie is a deep thinker which helps her to understand why people do the things they do.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mr. Chartwell by Rebecca Hunt

Mr. Chartwell, also known as Black Pat, has been psychologically torturing Winston Churchill for a long, long time. In fact, Churchill has been suffering from depression ever since Black Pat came into his life. Black Pat is a big, menacing, black, smelly dog with a dark side. Only those haunted by him can see him.

Esther Hammerhans is a librarian and a recent widow who decides to rent out her late husband's study. When Mr. Chartwell arrives to ask about the room, a frightened Esther tries to get out of renting it to him. Black Pat, always the conniver, offers her a great sum of money to stay for just a short time and Esther agrees. Will she fall victim to his darkness?

Monday, March 21, 2011

Welcome To My World by Johnny Weir

I absolutely love ice skating, from figure skating to ice dancing. I love watching the National Championships, World Championships and of course the Olympics! When I heard that Johnny Weir, one of my favorite skaters and certainly one of the most outlandish too, was writing an autobiography I couldn't wait to read it.
Johnny was late to the game of ice skating, starting at the "old" age of 12 years old! One winter day, with nothing better to do he found a clear patch of ice in a cornfield and using the ice skates he got for Christmas he decided to give skating a try. Well, the rest is history. He took to the ice alright, within six months he would be competing! In a short while he was competing at the Junior National Championships with his skating partner Jodi earning all first place votes too. Pair skating didn't last long and Johnny was on his way up. His family completely supported his desire to skate at a competitive level even moving the entire family to be closer to Johnny's coach and the ice rink in Delaware.
Training and competing can be grueling and along the way Johnny made a name for himself by being himself. Designing his own costumes and picking his own music for his routines, following a strict discipline of training eight hours a day to staying close to his family and a few close friends he earned a reputation for himself that was not always kind. He made mistakes in a few decisions and as he got older he recognized them and more importantly learned from them as well. He continually pushed himself to train harder, to be stronger and to be the BEST male skater in the United States.
Competitions took him all over the world, exposing him to many different cultures. He loved the people and the culture of Russia the most. Johnny takes you through the years of his competing at the National level to eventually earning a spot on the Olympic team.
He discusses the publics perception of who Johnny Weir really is and the bias of the Federation of Ice Skating. Through all the ups and downs he remains true to himself and with the unconditional support of his family, he has the time of his life. Yes, Johnny Weir is flamboyant, yes, he dresses differently than many people expect, yes, he does things his way, and yes, he says exactly what he thinks and believes in. Through the entire book he opens our eyes to the world of competitive ice skating. At the end of the book, you recognize his love of the sport and how talented this young man is in the art of ice skating! What a great book. Enjoy.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

April Book Club Reads

The Busy Moms' Club will meet on Tuesday, April 12, 2011 at 10:00 a.m. to discuss Welcome to the Mysterious by Lorna Landvik.

The Adult Book Club will read and discuss Madonnas of Lenigrad by Debra Dean on Wednesday, April 13, 2011 at 6:30 p.m.

The Mystery Book Club meets on Wednesday, April 20, 2011 at 1:30 p.m. The group will read and discuss Faithful Place by Tana French.

Monday, March 7, 2011

The Weight of Silence by Heather Gudenkauf

Little Calli Clark wasn't always a selective mute. In fact her mother had often called her a little chatterbox. Only four years old, Calli loved to color and tell stories. It all changed
one day and Calli's voice went silent. Why? What happened to Calli that was so traumatic that she stopped speaking and singing her sweet little voice?
Petra moved in next door to Calli and soon the two girls became best friends. It didn't seem to bother Petra in the least that Calli didn't talk. She seemed to understand her wants and desires without Calli uttering a sound.
Early one summer morning Petra's parents discovered she was missing. Upon inquiring with Calli's parents, it was discovered that Calli was also missing. Police are contacted, friends and neighbors are interviewed, searches are conducted. Ms. Gudenkauf presents the reader with several possible scenarios on the disappearance of the girls. The story is told from each girl's perspective up until the very end.
I couldn't put this book down and I was quite surprised at the ending. I would highly suggest reading it!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Wednesday Sisters by Meg Waite Clayton

The Wednesday Sisters by Meg Waite Clayton.
Do you have girlfriends that you have known for most of your adult life? If so, then you know what it takes to keep those friendships working and more importantly how much those "sisters" mean to you.
The time is the 1960's and this book is about five young women who meet one day each week in the local park. While their children are playing the young women develop a lifelong friendship. A friendship that brings laughter, comforts and challenges. They soon feel the need to do "something more" and decide that each of them must write either a story, an essay or keep a journal. Each week the friends critique each others work. It doesn't take long before honesty is the policy and the girlfriends share more than a simple criticism.
It is a time for change...women's lib and the civil rights movement. The five women bring out the best in each other and sometimes the worst. They challenge each other to do more, to think outside the box, to BE more than a mother and housewife. As their friendship molds into a sisterhood, they discover secrets about each other which pushes them to evaluate their own values and morals.
I loved reading this book and would clearly call it a "page turner" and a feel good book. I couldn't wait to find out how it ended and I will easily admit I LOVED THE ENDING. Happy reading!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Sing You Home by Jodi Picoult

Jodi Picoult's new book, Sing You Home is a must read and a real page turner!

Zoe Baxter and her husband Max have just lost another baby. After years of attempting to have one, this loss is too much for Max. Knowing that Zoe will insist on continuing with fertility treatments attempting once more to have a baby, he realizes he simply can't try anymore. He is done, he can't go through another loss. He files for divorce.

Max turns to alcohol to drown his sorrows. After a near fatal car accident he turns to his brother's pastor for help and joins the church where he finds forgiveness, acceptance, and understanding. Living with his brother Reid and his sister-in-law Liddy also presents a few issues of there own.

Zoe suffers from depression, for not only did she lose her husband, but she also agonizes through another more devastating loss--she needs a hysterectomy which will forever prevent her from having a baby of her own. In time Zoe turns to her best friend Vanessa, where she finds unconditional love, compassion, and understanding. Zoe and Vanessa soon get married and decide to start a family.

Zoe wants the frozen embryos that she and Max have at the clinic where they underwent all their invitro treatments. This would be her only chance of having a biological baby with Vanessa. The problem arises when the clinic needs both Zoe and Max's signatures. What lies ahead is a battle ending up in a courtroom.

Who decides whom would make better parents? Two parents; one male, one female? Two parents, both male? Two parents, both female?

Who decides what home would be better for a child? One which practices a religion, or one which does not?

What happens when people from the outside judge what is right and what is wrong?

Jodi Picoult has once again written a controversial story with such openness, empathy, and insight that you'll want to keep reading and reading till you get to the end!

Monday, February 7, 2011

The Last Time I Saw You

Have you ever been invited to or attended one of your high school class reunions? Do you remember contemplating should I go or should I skip it? Who would be there that I would like to see? I wonder what a certain friend has been up to all these years? Boy, I would sure like to reconnect with.......

The Last Time I Saw You by Elizabeth Berg is just the book for you! In this book the characters reconnect with one another. They recalll the "last time" they saw a specific person, or shared a conversation-good or bad. They plan, prepare and gather to celebrate their fortieth class reunion, the very last one.

As they gather and celebrate the reunion brings many new possibilities-reconnecting with a classmate who was the "heartthrob", forging new friendships, patching up old misunderstandings, forgiving, and rediscovering new bonds.

For anyone who has gone to a class reunion or is planning on attending a class reunion. Take a few moments, relax, and enjoy this delightful, easy read book by Elizabeth Berg!

Monday, January 17, 2011

For book lovers

This is what the book clubs are reading next:

The Adult Book Club will read and discuss Bleeding Kansas by Sara Paretsky on Wednesday, February 9, 2011 at 6:30 pm

The Mystery Book Club will read and discuss Manslaughter by Parnell Hall on Wednesday, February 16, 2011 at 1:30 pm

The Busy Moms will read and discuss Little Giants of Aberdeen County by Tiffany Baker

New members are always welcome! Have fun!

No Doors, No Windows

Are you in the mood for a scary story? I just read one that was super creepy. No Doors, No Windows by Joe Schreiber tells the story of the Mast family and the curse they are suffering from. Scott Mast returns to his hometown for his father's funeral and is surprised to discover that his brother Owen is an alcoholic raising a little boy on his own. Scott's ex girlfriend Sonia is still living in town, although she's not happy about it. Scott finds a ghost story written by his father about a creepy old house in the woods that has some connection to the Mast family. Scott feels beckoned to visit this house and discovers a dark, hidden corridor where unspeakable horrors took place.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Faithful Place by Tana French

Faithful Place is a poor neighborhood in Dublin, Ireland. Frank Mackey is a nineteen year old guy waiting for his girlfriend Rosie. They plan to leave Faithful Place and elope to England, but Rosie never shows. Frank is confused and heart broken thinking Rosie changed her mind. So he decides to leave Faithful Place without her to get away from his alcoholic father and his critical mother. Twenty two years later, Frank receives a call from his sister saying that someone found Rosie's suitcase behind a fireplace in an old abandoned house. Reluctantly, Frank goes home to get to the bottom of the mystery of Rosie's disappearance.
I listened to Faithful Place, hoping to get an earful of the Irish brogue, which I did.