Monday, June 24, 2013

Tapestry of Fortunes by Elizabeth Berg

     "Four women venture into their pasts in order to shape their futures, fates, and fortunes."  (Amazon).  When her best friend dies, Cece, a motivational speaker and writer, moves into a house with three other women of various ages and careers. She is lonesome and realizes that she does not need the big house that she owns as well as the many accumulated possessions.  With a few bumps she eventually becomes friends with the others and one by one they begin opening up to each other about their pasts and current sorrows.  Unexpectedly, Cece gets a letter from an old flame. She decides to visit him as part of a road trip. This leads to a grand roadtrip including all the women who realize they could benefit by making an attempt to visit someone from their pasts.  Much of the plot is predictable, but there are many sweet moments related to friendships and to a vision of hope beyond ones feeling of loss and change.