Monday, March 16, 2009

Delicious by Susan Mallery

If you haven't already noticed, I'm on a bit of a romance kick right now - romance novels are like M&M's - you can't have just one! My latest choice in this particular genre is the very enjoyable first book in Mallery's "Buchanan Books" series.

Penny Jackson has never had it easy - she has fought her way to the top in the competitive Seattle restaurant field - and is enjoying having her ex-husband, Cal, desperately trying to hire her to resurrect his family's restaurant. While they come to an agreement beneficial to both of them, Penny is surprised to learn that Cal will be working with her as the general manager of the restaurant for the next few months, and isn't sure how she feels about having to see her ex-husband on a regular basis...although she notices he still looks good.

Cal Buchanan comes from a family restaurant dynasty, ruled over by his cold and controlling grandmother, Gloria. Each of the 4 Buchanan children, Cal, Reid, Walker and Dani were expected to go into the family business, and all eventually did, except for Walker, who joined the marines instead. Cal notices how radiant Penny looks, but knows they have already had their shot at happiness, and failed.

As Cal and Penny work on bringing back the restaurant, they also begin to grow closer and trust each other again. However, both are keeping secrets - big secrets - that could interfere with their burgeoning relationship. Can they overcome their past and build a new future together? Will Cal's grandmother interfere one too many times in his and his siblings' lives?

This is a solid romance, with plenty of challenges to the relationship but with the requisite happy ending. Those of you who enjoy this book will want to continue on with the Buchanan Family series, in which each of the four siblings are featured.

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