Friday, July 17, 2009

Best Friends Forever by Jennifer Weiner

Jennifer Weiner is one of those authors whose books I cannot wait for - beginning with her first book, Good in Bed, she has captured audiences with her wonderful characters and story lines. Her new book, Best Friends Forever, meets all these expectations and then some.

Addie Downs seems to have it all - she's young (33,) attractive, has a successful career and a beautiful home - the only thing she is lacking is someone to share it with. Other than her brother Jon, brain-damaged in a car accident as a teenager, she has no family or friends. One night, her best friend from high school shows up at her door after a 15 year absence, desperately asking for Addie's help and completely disrupting her quiet life.

Valerie Adler, Addie's best friend from childhood, has left her small town behind, working as a "meteorologist" for Fox News in Chicago. She and Addie's relationship fell apart during their senior year, but the reader does not learn the details until well into the book. The whole reason for their falling out is what has led Val into the trouble she is currently experiencing. Despite Addie's usual common sense, she allows herself to be drawn into Val's web, and joins her on her plan to "get out of town for awhile." The two unlikely fugitives head south in Addie's parents' old station wagon, with the town sheriff, who has the hots for Addie, not far behind. What transpires is a wacky tale of friendship and forgiveness, complete with a BIG surprise at the end.

If you enjoy this particular book, give Jennifer's other books a try. Also check out her wonderful website and blog at This is a perfect book for some light summer reading - it will leave you smiling. The only problem I have with this book is that now I have to wait forever for her next one to come out!

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