Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Christmas List by Richard Paul Evans

I have read several of Richard Paul Evan's books before and knew before I turned one page of this book I would not be disappointed. I absolutely loved it! In fact, I think I read the book in about four hours. I had to know what would happen next, it was that good.

The story is about a man named James Kier. James is a successful, middle aged business man. Putting all his time and effort into his business has made him what he is today. He has worked hard and to say the least, his business is his life and his main focus. His wife and son have been deserted. His wife is coping with cancer treatments, and his son will not speak to him. James is seeking a divorce during a time his family needs him the most. However, James is a greedy, self-absorbed human being who only wants more, more control, more power, more money and he doesn't care who he hurts or steps on to get what he wants and what he feels he deserves.

His life takes a drastic turn one morning when he reads his own obituary in the newspaper. He turns to the internet to see what comments his friends and acquaintances have written about him. Everyone wants to leave a legacy right? What he reads disturbs him. People hate him, they write how he has cheated and lied to them, stolen their homes, forced them into bankruptcy, and much more.

He meets the family of the "other" James Kier. This James leaves behind a family who loved him dearly. He didn't have much money, in fact he worked as a bus driver. He loved his family, friends, neighbors, and community. Many, many friends and neighbors come to pay their respect and to honor a man who really made the world a better place. James attended the wake saw with his own eyes how much this man was loved.
James makes a decision to right some of the wrongs he has done to people. This journey is difficult for James. He initially expects people to accept his apologies and his method of righting the wrong done to them. However, this is not always the case. At the same time James tries to make amends to his wife and son.
Forgiveness can take some time. It is not always easy for people to forgive someone who has devastated their life, their home or their family. James becomes a better person for seeing how his decisions affected all the people around him. The decisions he makes now are all for the better-to bring people together and benefit others not himself.
Richard Paul Evans has written yet another great story of compassion, love, and most of all forgiveness. Give it a try!

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