Monday, October 4, 2010

Triumph: Life After the Cult, by Carolyn Jessop with laur

Triumph: Life After the Cult-a Survivor's Lessons is the continuing story of Carolyn Jessop's life after 2003, when she escaped to freedom from an extreme Mormon sect of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-Day Saints. Carolyn shares with us the story of how she fought for and won full custody of her eight children, struggled being not only a single mother but also the only breadwinner of the family. She enrolled her children in public schools for the first time in their lives, where they could be exposed to an uncensored education. Her bestseller titled "Escape" is a reflection of her life up to that point in time
In April of 2008 she once again came into the public's eye. The state of Texas raided the Yearning for Zion Ranch where a child allegedly was being abused. Over 400 children were removed from their parents and their homes and placed in an unprepared foster care system. Carolyn still had many members of her family living on the ranch. She traveled to Texas to help educate the many social workers, attorney's, police officers, and foster parents on the complexities of the sect's faith and beliefs. She willingly counseled those who wanted to help by offering knowledge and experience in the thinking and beliefs of the members of the FLDS, especially those beliefs of the women and children who lives were most at risk.
Carolyn recounts the charges against many parents, the court battles, custody fights and the eventual return of the children to their parents. The system failures and the enlightenment to the public of this particular extreme sect of the FLDS. Even if you haven't read Carolyn's first book, "Escape", I would highly recommend reading "Triumph: Life After the Cult, a Survivors Lessons"!

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