Saturday, September 10, 2011

Split Second

It's finally here, Split Second by Catherine Coulter! It was well worth the wait too.
In this newest installment of Catherine Coulter's FBI series, Savich is caught in the middle of a shoot out at a local convenience store where he went to to pick up a few items. The owner Mr. Patil, is shot and injured. One of the shooters is apprehended while the other got away.
Meanwhile, Agent Lucy Caryle is dealing with the recent death of her father. Shortly before Joshua Acker Caryle's death he proclaimed that Lucy's grandmother stabbed her husband to death. Lucy and the rest of her extended family were lead to believe that her grandfather had just up and left one day without any warning or future communication. One day shortly after her father's death, Lucy is summoned to the family's attorneys' office and given a ring and a letter from her long lost grandfather. This leads her to discover the real truth behind her father's well kept secret and the reason her grandfather left her the ring.
To add even more adventure to this mystery, Savich and Sherlock are dealing with a female serial killer who they discovered is the daughter of Ted Bundy! Kristen Bolger has been murdering young women for quite some years. She disguises herself as a young man, hangs out at local bars, drugs a young woman, and then "escorts her home" where she murders them. Savich and Sherlock certainly have their hands full with this killer!
You won't want to put this book down. Cuddle up in a big comfy chair, grab this book and indulge yourself with a great page turner! Let us know what you think!

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