Monday, November 14, 2011

Seriously...I'm Kidding by Ellen DeGeneres

For all you "Ellen" fans out there, this is the book for you. I admit I have liked Ellen DeGeneres since way back when. I enjoyed her sitcoms, I loved her as Dora in the hit movie "Finding Nemo," (someone PLEASE tell me why there was never a sequel to that movie), and on the rare occasion I actually get to watch her talk show I love that program too. She simply comes across as a good, kind and generous person who is not afraid to laugh at herself. We need way more people like that too!

"Seriously...I'm Kidding" is a funny book with simple anecdotes on life--according to Ellen. She shares her life experiences about recycling, moving, getting older, being a "Cover Girl" over 50, her animals, her family, babies, being nice, being neat, and oh, yes--being funny and so much more. The chapters are short and sweet. I was so engulfed in reading her story when I heard someone laughing out loud. I looked around and then realized, I was the person laughing! This book is that funny.

It is short, sweet and hilarious. Pick it up today and get lost in a great read (or grab the audio version, Ellen narrates it and it is GREAT!)

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