Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Woman Who Wasn't There by Robin Gaby Fisher and Angelo J. Gugliemo, Jr.

On some level all Americans suffered on September 11, 2001.  You may have witnessed the tragic events via the internet or television.  You may have lost a loved one or knew of someone who died that day.  Someone you know may have lived in New York City at that time.  Regardless, it was a devastating event on so many levels for all of us.
Guilt.   Can you imagine carrying around so much guilt that you SURVIVED such a tragic event?  This is the story of World Trade Center Survivors.  Survivors who suffer from insomnia, depression, divorce, alcoholism, drug addictions, much more and Guilt.  Guilt because they lived through it.
Tania Head was one such survivor.  Her husband died in the north tower and minutes later another plane hit the south tower.  The south tower, where she was at work as a Vice President of Merrill Lynch Company.  Tania was terribly hurt and wakes up in a hospital five days later.  Two years later she still can't sleep at night, she can't work, she is no longer the woman who she was on September 11, 2001.
She goes to the internet and creates an online support system for the people who survived the tragic events of 9/11.  Her group slowly grows and finally connects with yet another group. Survivors come together to talk, share some or all of their stories with others who know exactly what they are going through themselves.  They fight for closure and all try to find a way to move forward. 
But, really who are the REAL survivors of this story?


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