Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Dog's Journey

This delightful tale mixed with some real life drama sees the world through the eyes of this dog and helps soften some, what would be considered by many, otherwise serious scenarios.

The companionship and devotion of the dog is touching and will appeal to anyone who loves, has loved or may love and know the loyalty of a dog.  Yes, it is for dog lovers. 

Obviously, no one really knows exactly what makes an animal do anything, but this book allows the reader to enjoy imagining the possibilities.

Additionally, this book takes the reader to a wonderful place regarding the lives of animals and what may happen to them before and after the life known to each animal owner and weaves a thread that many may find appealing.

Specifically, this dog stands by a family, gets to know who is good and who is not, and loves completely and helps as much as possible, in a very dog way, through many twists and turns, some expected, some not so expected.

I fell in love with this book and this dog and can't wait to read other dog tales by this author and strongly recommend this read to dog lovers everywhere!

And, if you prefer audio this book is available as a "Playaway" so you can listen to it, whcih gives an added bonus because then, the dog actually has a voice!

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