Monday, February 25, 2013

The Garden Color Book

As the end of a dreary winter approaches, it’s time to look forward to spring planting. Perhaps you want an ornamental garden, but don’t know which plants can live together harmoniously. You might know your plants but have difficulty coming up with pleasing combinations. The Garden Book of Color can assist you with all of this. Pages are divided into three sections that flip individually like flashcards. Each page displays a tic- tac- toe of plants grouped by color and height. You can flip the page sections to match them up with a myriad of others displaying annuals, perennials and shrubs of different shapes and colors. On the opposing page you will find concise information on size, light/moisture requirements, hardiness and bloom times. Also included are suitable companion plants, along with maintenance and propagation tips. If you need a little extra help, the back section of the book contains “planting recipes” for colorful, enticing gardens. This is a very practical book, with lush, seductive photography. It’s a must read for any garden enthusiast, even apartment dwellers looking for a good fantasy.


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