Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Memory Keeper's Daughter By Kim Edwards

In The Memory Keeper’s Daughter, we see how one lie can alter the lives of many.

It is 1964 and Dr. David Henry, an orthopedic surgeon, rushes his pregnant wife Susan to the hospital during a snowstorm. Susan’s doctor is stuck in a ditch and will not make it to the hospital in time, so David must deliver the baby. Susan delivers a beautiful, healthy baby boy. A baby girl is born soon after, and David notices right away that she has Down syndrome. He thinks this would be too difficult for his wife to bear so he gives his newborn daughter to his nurse Caroline and instructs her to take the baby to an institution for the mentally impaired. When Susan wakes from anesthesia, David tells her that their baby daughter died. Meanwhile, on her way to drop off the baby at the institution, Caroline makes a decision, one that will change all their lives.

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