Saturday, March 6, 2010

Making Toast by Roger Rosenblatt

Birth. Death. Sorrow. Healing. Roger Rosenblatt's book Making Toast is his own true story, the story of the unexpected death of his one and only daughter Amy Elizabeth Rosenblatt Solomon. Amy was a daughter, sister, friend, pediatrician, wife, and mother.

Making Toast is the story of what happens to Roger, his wife Ginny, their sons; Carl and John and their families and of course Amy's husband Harris and their three children; Jessie, Sammy, and James, aka "Bubbies" after Amy's death.

Upon hearing the new of their daughter's death Roger and Ginny immediately rush to Harris and the children. To comfort and be comforted. Life still moves on. Everyone needs to be taken care of, especially the children. Roger and Ginny begin to "fit in" to Amy's and Harris's home. They adjust their own retirement plans and employment responsibilities to become child care providers, chauffeurs, cooks, tutors, room parents, and of course Grandpa, aka "Boppo" and Grandma, aka "Mimi". Boppo starts his day earlier than the others. He has mastered one household duty--making toast and eagerly offers it to those who join him in the early morning. The children attend school, after school play dates, sport activities, music lessons and more. Harris continues his medical practice as a hand surgeon. Boppo and Mimi and the rest of the extended family members adjust to life without Amy all the while keeping her forever in their hearts. They cherish the moments they shared with her.

Mr. Rosenblatt offers the reader a book that takes note of the minute, everyday life experiences that help us heal after suffering the loss of a loved one. Yes, there are a bad days. We wake up, have some "toast" and start a new day. A really good book!

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