Thursday, April 25, 2013

Angels at the Table by Debbie Macomber

Angels at the Table is the latest in the Angel Series.  Shirley, Goodness and Mercy are back with an apprentice angel, Will.

Shirley, Goodness, Mercy, and Will are God’s prayer ambassadors.  They have come down to Earth even though it is forbidden.  Their presence on Earth causes some mishaps.

In this novel, Lucie and Aren meet in Times Square on New Year’s Eve with the help of the angels, Shirley, Goodness, Mercy, and Will.  Lucie is a chef who has recently opened a restaurant, Heavenly Delights.  Aren is an anonymous food critic for the New York Gazette newspaper.  Their relationship hits a bump in the road.  The angels feel it is their duty to help them get back together.  Instead they cause more problems, sometimes with funny results.  Eventually, their efforts to reunite Lucie and Aren are successful.

This book is for anyone who enjoys a warm hearted story with a happy ending.


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