Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Holy Orders: A Quirke Novel by Benjamin Black


     Dr. Quirke , pathologist, amateur detective, lover of brandy, brooder, and compelling character in several Benjamin Black (pen name of Man Booker Award winner novelist John Banville) novels is again asked by Dublin's Chief Inspector to go 'round with him to interview the possible suspects in a murder investigation. And so the plot quickly unfolds.  Eventually, the murder is solved in a plot driven by the involvement of Phoebe, Quirke's daughter, as she becomes involved with the sister of the victim, as well as, the connections to the well loved parish priest, who is being shipped off to Africa, and the frightening, neighboring gypsy/tinker campers.  In addition, to the vivid character descriptions of the story, the setting of 1950's Ireland contains intense foreboding, especially when the rains are only briefly interrupted by sunshine.

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